The handle part with a light weight is integrally formed, ergonomically designed, and durable.
The support stick part, made by aluminum alloy, can be adjusted to match a user’s height and physique.
A front ultra-white LED light is designed to provide illumination in the dark.
A rear red warning light enhances users’ safety when walking at night. The warning light also be used as a distress signaling device.
The storage space is inside the back of the handle for medicine, first-aid items, identification etc.
Press Switch 1 Time: Turns Front Light On
Press Switch 2 Times : Turns Rear Warning Light On
Press Switch 3 Times : Turns Both Front light and Rear Warning Light On
Press Switch 4 Times : Turns Both Lights Off
Replacement of Battery ( AAA battery ) : Through the concave below the front light to draw out the electrical components. If the item is not used for a long time, please place the batteries toward the same poles.
Storage Space: Through the concave on the lower back side of the handle to draw out the storage box.
Adjust the Length: Loosen the screw, then press the button of the stick for adjustment and tighten the screws. There are ten different heights for adjustment.
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